Monday, August 2, 2010

Music Monday

Itttttt's Music Monday!

First up, I'll be featuring the blog that I stole the idea from! Howww nice of me.
Turns out, Urban Outfitters has a bitchin blog, and every Monday you can download 5 songs FO' FREE!

Second, I have recently attached my iTunes account to my credit card. This, was a BIG mistake. I have since downloaded like 5 albums, probably as many as I have downloaded in the past two years combined. What, you might be wondering, am I wasting my money on? Well I'll tell you, because that is what Music Mondays are for.
Albums One and Two: Bon Iver's Blood Bank EP and For Emma, Forever Ago. 
 Not only do I like that the album title and one song are obviously named after me, but I also enjoy the sounds of them. Bon Iver is super laid back and mellow, which makes for some good pilates music. My fave faves? Blood Bank, Flume, and Skinny Love. Skinny Love actually came to me a long time ago, from God knows where and I fell in love with it without really knowing who Bon Iver was. And then about a week ago, a drunken acquaintance of mine told me to check out Blood Bank. To be fair, he first told me the story line of the song and we then discussed the pros and cons of having a date at a blood bank. Which I still contest would be terrible.

Album Three: Lissie's Why You Runnin' EP
Lissie's sound is a little more folksy, which it turns out is kind of what I'm into currently. Weird. I was introduced to Lissie via Facebook when a friend of mine posted a video of her song Everywhere I Go which I have to admit I downloaded with the help of YouTube. I did legally download the CD, but I also pirated her cover of Kid Cudi's song Pursuit of Happiness, as well as a duet she did with Ellie Goulding, which led me to download a duet Ellie did with Erik Hassle, which is prolly my new fave fave. It's called Be Mine and it's a cover of some band called Robyn.

Album Four: Damien Rice's 9
So basically, I really like the song 9 Crimes and got a little over excited and downloaded the whole CD. I mean, it's not bad, but that one song is just rul great.

Album Five: Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons
I began my obsession with Mumford and Sons when I heard their song on Sirius radio channel Alt Nation and ran home to look them up and download their shit. Mumford and Sons are amazing for a number of reasons. One, they're British and nearly everything British is amazing. Two, their song Little Lion Man is my fave fave. Three, I want to marry (or at least make out with) the lead singer, Marcus Mumford.

So that concludes the first (of possibly a few) Music Monday.

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