Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trendy Tuesdays

Ittt's Tuesday! Trendy Tuesday (actually at this point it's technically Wednesday, but I started this post on Tuesday so it still counts) to be exact. I'm not sure how long I can keep up the alliterations, but I guess we'll find out!

Kicking off my very first Trendy Tuesday new favorite blog: Man Repeller
This blog focuses on how *some* trends in high fashion seem not to attract men. For example, harem pants and jeggings. Not only does this lady have a pretty bitchin sense of style (even if it does repel men) but she is also hilarious. I highly recommend it.

Next up is Gilt.
Gladiators by Madison Harding
Now I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Gilt before (the website that does huge sales of rulll expensive things so that they're slightly less expensive...). And Gilt has turned me on to only about a million designers that I now am lusting after and definitely cannot afford. Not even a little bit. Just today, they sent me a notification of shoe sales from Madison Harding, Dolce Vita, and Boutique 9. Below are some of my favorite pics of the bunch.

Bitchin' open-toed, lace-up booties by Madison Harding

Oxfords by Boutique 9 (Nine West)
Some buckled booties for my fake life by Dolce Vita

And black flats, for my real life, also by Dolce Vita.
Gilt also does a fine job of finding amazing clothing, for example Ever.
I mean, just look at these dresses:

So the moral of this story so far is that I NEED to become rich very very soon. 

Moving is my new fave accessories brand, Matt and Nat
So this is less exciting than some of their other items, but I'm really digging the squareness of the backpack. Plus that chain thing? Nice.
I'm also pretty in love with the way these studs are kind of jumbled. Rough but playful.
Aaand another studded clutch, because how could you possibly only have one.
Their jewelry is also pretty fab. I seriously considered actually buying some. Aand then I didn't.
While we're on the subject of necklaces, why don't we just hop right on over to Cursive Design which I found through Urban Outfitter's blog (which, as I mentioned yesterday, I'm in love with). 
The blog featured this necklace
Force Field necklace
and now I'm showing it off as well because it is obvi pretty awesome. What could possibly beat crystals and neon string? Nuthin.

And for our big finale, I'd like to share with you some fashion for your laptop.
Sweaters for your laptop!
The Post Family creates these adorably cozy sweaters for laptops out guessed it...old sweaters. I'm a fan of the retro look and I just may buy one. Or I might make a trip to the Church Mouse and make one my damn self.

Ok kiddies, that's all I have for today. But two posts in two days?? This is like a job or something.

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