Thursday, August 19, 2010

Theater Thursday

Allllrighty, I know I may have promised at least one of my readers (Lulu) a very special post about the great state of Wisconsin and all that it has to offer, but that is just going to have to wait. Mostly because I'm going back to good old WI in about a week and would like to save all of the amazing (read:tacky and badly taken) photographs for one mega post. Because that is just how I roll.

So instead, I'm going to share some videos with you. Now, I've never posted a video on this beast before, so get ready for the ride of your life. Just kidding, you won't really be able to witness the inevitable hours it is going to take me to figure this shit out.

Well, turns out it only took about three minutes. Lucky me, I'm a genius. So here's the first thing I want to share...

Tempus II from Philip Heron on Vimeo.
This is 7 minutes of things being smashed in slow motion (discovered via GOOD's Twitter, I highly suggest it). It's pretty entertaining.

This reminded me of a video I found while I was interning at the ILN in London (don't ask me what they do, I'm not real sure) and I had quite a bit of free time on my hands. Plus I was all over the internet collecting contact information and often I got sidetracked. And anyway, this is something I found while working. Don't tell my bosses.

It's well, cupcakes.

So those were meant sort of as previews leading up to what is next: THE MAIN EVENT!
This is my new favorite video, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. Enjoy.

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

Loved it, didn't you?

Anywhoser, being the online wanderer that I am, I had to check out the website of the guy who directed this, because obvi the rest of his stuff is probably as great. And well, I didn't actually get a chance to watch all of it (because I'm at my job at a library and it's frowned upon, fun suckers) but I DID watch this trailer for a weird-ass show called Food Party on a channel called IFC (which I've never even heard of). I don't really get it, but I sure as hell want to watch it after seeing this beast. According to Dean Fleischer's website, it will "melt your pussy off" so maybe you shouldn't watch it. I dunno, I think I'll risk it.

And now I'm going to close up this god forsaken library of hell, go home and watch the rest of the stuff on his website. And so should you. And then I'm going to figure out what the H IFC is (besides obviously International Fighting Championship) and watch all their shows. I also plan to make a pizza, if you must know.

PS - stay tuned for Wisconsin fun!
PPS - Accidental penises. In case your pussy melts off and you need genitalia to replace it.


  1. Independent Film Channel if you haven't figured it out by this point.

  2. I actually forgot to look into it further, my memory (and follow-through)are thanks!