Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blogs, Bills, Books, Bed

Since starting my own blog, I've become increasingly aware of (and enthralled with) other blogs. In fact, a good majority of what I post here are things I've read about on other blogs. These are some of the recent additions to my ever-growing list. 

XYXX is a photoblog (introduced to me by It's Nice That) which describes itself as "A visual conversation between two iphones and two lovers." And it's kind of amazing. I'm not usually one for emotions and sappy things like that, but I think this is superbly romantic. I know, barf, I'm sorry.

Yvan Rodic
Yvan Rodic is another photoblog I've recently been introduced to (this time by a friend of mine via Facebook). Not only do I want this dress, but this blog makes me wish I were Scandinavian even more than I already did.

I'm pretty sure I came across this on Twitter (but as those who know me can attest, my memory sucks big time) and I gotta say, I'm a fan. An entry for the redesign of dolla dolla bills
5 dollas by Dowling Duncan

A bookcase by Lateral Architecture
This just seems like more fun than a normal bookcase. Plus I bet it doesn't take too long to assemble...

Pretty much every night, I get in my bed and I think to myself "I should really blog about how much I love my bed." And then, well, I don't. 
Adorable bed set

You see, I have a double bed, but when I went comforter shopping I found this adorable (and on sale) comforter set by Liberty of London for Target. The only problem was that it was a king size set. I mean it wasn't really a problem because I just bought it anyway. This means that my blanket is big enough for me to wrap my whole body in it and then use the excess to snuggle with. It's perfect.
Liberty of London is pretty awesome in general.

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