Saturday, October 16, 2010


All I really wanted out of this Halloween was to wear a jumpsuit. A onesie. Really, I just wanted my shirt to be the same garment as my pants. And I thought Kigu was the answer.

Awesome, right?
One piece, check. Hood with eyes and teeth, check. Tail, check.
Everything a girl could ask for, right?
WRONG! I would also ask that it not cost over 90 USD (with shipping), which it does, and that is because it has to come from the UK.
and start making adult-size, one-piece animal costumes for "for fancy dress parties and festivals...and they make great pyjamas too"

Hopes and dreams dashed, I had to move onto Plan B. And then I also had to think of a new Halloween costume. (Get it? PLAN B? Birth control!?)
Here are my thoughts:

Going as a Lumberjack has many upsides:
- I would get to wear plaid. Plaid on plaid on plaid.
- I can later wear that plaid in my daily life. Dual purpose.
- I'm looking to attract a male lumberjack. What better way to catch one than with a decoy?
How would I pull this off?
Both at the same time? Probably.
Urban Outfitters
Joie for

2. Boots
3. Axe (and holster)
Best Made Co.
Kinda love this. Via The Inspiration.

So, I may have gotten this idea from American Apparel

But to be fair, they obviously ripped it off from me, 
circa pre-school.
How precious.

The pros of being grapes:
- Tights as pants (ok, maybe leggings)
- Sweater. Warmth.

- Wearing balloons all over your body

However, if I were small enough to fit in this, I would be A FOX!

Check out these costumes. Via Yvan Rodic

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Bet You've Missed Me...

...because I haven't posted in over a week. But hey, it was Fall Break so get off my back.
The important thing is, I'm here now (at work) and I'm getting this blogging thing done. 

You Are Welcome.

I wear a medium, and I'll take one. Thanks.



5/ Chairs
Suitcase Chair
Face Chair

8/ Halloween
This topic actually needs its own post. 
Coming soon to a screen near your face.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Love Mondays

That's not a joke. I really do love Mondays, and I'll tell you why.
This girl doesn't have aaaaany classes on Mondays, or work, or any commitments at all usually. So I get to spend the entire day doing homework do whatever I want!
Anyway... here's some junk I like:

Not only do I think these hand-made necklaces are cute, but also by posting this I'm entered to win a free one! And I love free things!

(Enter the jewelry giveaway sponsored by Bumblesea indie jewelry / indie fashion blog.)

 2/ My Homework (also not a joke)
Currently I'm designing a how-to guide for children with diabetes who want to learn to test their own blood sugar. Maybe that doesn't sound like fun to you guys, but I'm actually having a lot of fun doing it. And maybe this is tooting my own horn, but I think it's turning out rul well (which is pretty unusual).

Test-Strip Steven, obvi
The how-to guide consists of about 20 cards and a poster. Some of the cards introduce the characters (the supplies used, above) and the rest illustrate the steps (below). Children can then lay the cards out in the correct order, helping them learn.
Very important step. Kids are filthy.

Then they could also put the steps (once in the right order) on the poster, below.

Makes you wish you had juvenile diabetes, right?
I'm still working out the colors, but I do kind of like the way it is right now...

3/ Pumpkin Spice Lattes
All of them, from anywhere. But today I learned that ones from Dunkin Donuts cost about half as much as the ones from Starbucks, and taste a little better.