Monday, July 5, 2010

I Like The Looks of This

Lots of times, when I'm spending my life on the internet, I see things that I just like to look at. Like I want to stare at them forever and ever. I mean, I don't. But I want to. These are some of these things.

1. I don't really remember where I found this (sorry, whoever made it) but I like it!

2. I also have little to no idea where this vintage poster reminding you to keep track of your belongings came from, but it's pretty cute.

3. Ok, this book cover isn't the most exciting to look at, but I like the title. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure these three might have come from a Flikr set. I hope I don't get in trouble with the makers of these fine specimens.

 This is called The Lighthouse Spotlight by Jan Lun Lee and I like it. Plus it's of the Macintosh building at the Glasgow school of art, which is an amazing place. 

This was featured in Good magazine, I think. It was kind of awhile ago so I'm not sure. Sometimes I wish my brain remembered things better.

Once again, not sure where I found this, but aren't they cute?

Ok, finally something I know at least a tiny bit of information about. These awesome guns were done by illustrator Jess Smith. I discovered them via on their weekly round up titled "Things". 

Below are two pieces by Daniel Curtis. The first is design for a playlist or something, you can also download the music fo free! Also, his illustration is pretty great (see typewriter).

I just really enjoy this valentine by Kate Spade (who would've guessed).

And this bracelet. I believe it's called "timeless" and it's by Rogan. Clever, eh?

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