Thursday, July 1, 2010

There's Not Enough Time In The Day...

...for all of the things I'm obsessed with. See below.
 Sometimes hilarious, sometimes douchy.

Check out the final selection of posters for this year's biennial

 Good is a magazine that combines great design with social awareness. I would say that pretty much anything they take the time to write is worth reading. And looking at.
This particular image is a sneak preview of one of their projects about doodling. They do amazing infographics, not to mention a ton of articles on education.

Another of my nerdy-designer obsessions is packaging design, and The Dieline features new and awesome packaging design. I especially like:
This collection of global teas by Sarita Walsh
These moving boxes by Emanuel Sendel

This coffee by a recent graduate Cari Caldwell.

These glasses cases by ILoveDust led me to realise that I also love dust. Seriously, check out their entire site, they have things like an alphabet made of animals.

Last, but NOT least: Dawn Porter. Dawn is a journalist from the UK who has written for (among others) The Sunday Times, Cosmopolitan, Stylist Magazine, and Company Magazine. She also has done several documentaries aaand written a book, no big deal. Best of all, she is funny. Having just ended her time writing for Stylist, I am looking forward to what she'll be doing next!

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