Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey Stranger

Yeah yeah, it's been awhile. 
Get over it and look at what I've got to share.

You know what I like? Not babies, that's what.

This line of Play Condoms designed by Ben Marsch (very nice website BTW) and Julia Roach are rul cute. And everyone knows that cute things work better than ugly ones, just like cute people are smarter and nicer than ugly people. 

You know what else is nice? Strange (but also clever) ways to sneak alcohol into places they don't want you to have alcohol. 

I mean it smacks of alcoholism, but this nice little pack can carry SIX mini-bottles, and look how cute it is when paired with heels and a dress...just kidding, that's gross.

I also love London, not sure if you know, as well as design (deh). 
In September, London will play host to the London Design Festival...and this year, the Anti-Design Festival as well. Ch-ch-ch-check it out. Rage against the man.

This may be less exciting to the non-designers out there, but Mind The Gap is a digital project designed to give "buckets of advice" to young creatives. The creators interview professionals and get three tidbits of advice and then publish them online. It's very inspirational, and I like it. Also, the design is nice, which is always a plus.

And now for a little fashion:

These little ditties come from Camilla's Babylon collection, and they are pretty smokin. Esp when it's so hot you can't (won't) wear pants. Flowy dresses are much better for ventilation.

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