Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do Work

This summer, my work schedule is sporadic to say the least, and to keep myself busy I've decided to start entering design competitions, even if they're small unimportant ones. 
The first of my conquests is going to be the cover of GD USA who is looking for a cover which will showcase the capabilities of Kodak's new dimensional digital printing. If you're interested in entering one yourself, you can find more information here.

I've started on this project, but am basically no where near close to finishing, but I will fo sho show you guys my progress as I go.
The second project I intend to complete is a GOOD doodle. GOOD magazine is starting a monthly project centering around doodles and this month the theme is a day without technology. I haven't started this one yet, but some day in the near future I will be going without my phone (and probably computer) for A WHOLE 24 HOURS. And then I will doodle about it, or more likely I will doodle during, as I will have nothing else to do.

Ok, this isn't something I'm entering, just some results I really really like. TfL (Transport for London) recently held a contest for the new design of London's iconic skyline, and to the left is the winner. You can read all about the contest and winner in this month's Creative Review and you can visit the winner's website here (it's rul nice). The skyline will be used on TONS of merchandise for TfL, for mugs! I obviously want one.

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