Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photoblogs Galore

I'm not going to start this post with an apology for not posting. Other people are going to do it for me:
Now onto more important things.
1/ Convoy

A photoblog that defines itself as an "Evergrowing collection of stuff I like". And it's stuff I like too. The one issue is that it's a Tumblr blog...and I am a blogspot blogger. This one has me contemplating conversion.

2/ Street Peeper
New York
 Photoblog that posts images of street fashion from cities like Oslo, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, New York, Tokyo, and even Chicago.

3/ Ruche

Haha, got ya! This isn't a photoblog at all! It's not even a blog! IT'S A STORE! BECAUSE I LOVE SHOPPING! Especially for things I can't afford. Which is most things. That aside, they have some really cute shit.

4/ Flourpot

Aha! Got you again! This is also not a blog. But it is some goooood packaging design! Brought to my attention via TheDieline.

Ok, that's enough for now, I need to dome some good old fashioned HOMEWORK in the way of picking out an opinionated article I disagree with/know something about. So...if any of you happen to know something I feel strongly about in the news, please, fill me in on that secret.

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