Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Like Most Things Swedish

The Weezer concert is over (awesome, btw), my roommates are having a party, and I am completely uninterested. So, like the a-hole that I am, I'm sitting in my room with a handful of pretzels and the remnants of a whiskey sour. And I'm taking this opportunity to share with you the 5 or so wonderful things I found this morning while I was also trying to write a rebuttal essay for my argumentative writing class. Here we go:

"Self Reliance"
So basically I like what Rob Hodgson has going on. 
But also, his site has brought up a question I've been wondering about lately. You see, as a senior graphic design major, I'm going to be starting to put together my final portfolio, but I also should have a web presence with that portfolio, and while Rob's work is on his blog, it also is on a site called Cargo Collective  which is a site specifically for creative portfolios. I'm currently working on uploading my work to the Behance network (a similar site) but really, how many different places do I need to have my work? 

A really cute kid's magazine. Via It's Nice That.

Wedding invitations to a marriage between an Indian man and a French Canadian woman. They felt their union should come with a how-to guide. And that's what these are. Funny, adorable, useful.

This is the most intense interactive infographic of all time, I'm almost sure of it. 
This site scans blogs for phrases about feelings and then also skims information about the author, such as gender, location, weather, and the actual feeling, and then puts it into this medium. The medium has 6 phases, or ways of rearranging the information....maybe you should just go to the site and read what they have to say, because I'm sure they do a better job of explaining. 
Or you can just go play around.

5/ First Aid Kit

This is First Aid Kit's Ghost Town. And it's pretty amazing. They're Swedish sisters and I like em a lot.

Other Swedish things I'm fond of include, but are not limited to:
Swedish Fish
Astrid Lindgren (Pippi Longstocking)

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