Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's Findings

As I mentioned just the other day, one main reason I began this blog was to share my daily internet findings with a (hopefully) wider audience than Facebook or Twitter could really supply me with. And here is your first of many posts chock full of random but awesome internet findings:

    Sahre, Victore, Wilker 2010 is a design workshop held in NYC and hosted by Paul Sahre, James Victore, and Jan Wilker. The cost is $1200 for one week. I'm sure it's an amazing experience, but really? $1200 for a week-long class? Still, I want to go. (I've read it's actually worth it.)
    Raw IceCream (right) is a vegan/eco-friendly/cruelty free ice cream company. Pretty neat, but only available in NYC and the company will not be shipping nationally until they resolve their eco-friendly shipping issues (check back in August, says their website).  
    Brinca Dada Dollhouse: A very modern, extremely well-designed house for dolls. Plus furniture and wooden dolls. Want, want, want.
     There was going to be more to this list, but I got VERY sidetracked by Rob Ryan. Take a quick look, more about him tomorrow.

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